A little bit about us

We respect the rights of informed consumers to insist on enjoying the pure goodness of milk as nature intended.

Katja and Wandile manage the Cairnbrogie dairy, keeping the cows healthy and happy at all times. They ensure the girls get well fed on a variety of the best grasses.

Diana heads up the Farmers Dairy, bottling and selling, from Cairnbrogie.

Cairnbrogie is a family-run farm which was established in 1973. The dairy farm was started in 1985 which has grown from a small herd of 40 cows to more than 500 over 30 years.

Andrew Hill and his family have lived on the farm for the past 16 years and have put much time and energy into this beautiful piece of land and developed the farm into a multi facited business.

The cows live in, and graze on, vast lush pastures. They are 80% grass-fed on a variety of grasses ensuring the production of high quality milk.

Cairnbrogie and The Farmers Dairy bottles milk on the farm using a cold purification process instead of heated pasteurization.

Pictured here is the hardworking dairy team who milk and manage all the girls each day.

From left Sam, Wandile, Elvis, Katja and David.